The 'Web Table'

An interative touch screen computer coffee table

The ONLY table of it's kind - that can be used from any angle!

touch screen coffee table

Product Details

  • Computer coffee table
  • This amazing home gadget is a fully interactive touch screen table.

  • Browser based. Youtube videos, games and drawing, surfing the web, internet shopping.
  • Browse the web while drinking a coffee and socialising

  • Surf the web from any angle. Great for sharing youtube videos between friends.
  • Unique table operating system allows browsers to be rotated, resized, and passed between people. Up to 2 browsing sessions simultaniously.

    touch table 2

  • It's also a complete windows PC computer table
  • Can be switched between "table mode" and windows mode. Windows can be controlled by touch screen actions as well as by the physical keyboard and mouse provided. Click to rotate screen in 90 degree increments. Easily usable from any side - in windows mode.

    Jigabyte touch screen coffee table 11

  • Toughened glass top, modern and stylish coffee table
  • Revolving backgrounds ranging from wood effect, to water and outer space.
  • Eat your dinner off it while browsing the web!
  • Can be always left switched on.
  • One-touch 'Sleep' function.
  • Set it to sleep if inactive for a time.
  • Wake-on-touch-screen.

  • Table - physical Details

  • Dimensions: 900(L) * 550(W) * 400(H) mm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: Wood
  • Floor-level shelf.

  • Jigabyte - Touch screen coffee table 7


  • Intel I3 Processor. Option of i5/i7
  • 4GB RAM
  • 120/250/500GB SSD disk - for fast boot up
  • Windows 10 (or windows 7)
  • 32" screen with 1920*1080 resolution
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Speakers.
  • Comes with physical keyboard and mouse
  • Wi-Fi
  • External access to USB ports and audio output jack

  • Be one of the first to get your hands on this ultimate gadget!

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